Never Personal (Fuck Nas and Nature)



(Yo Son, heard that shit man?)
Nah what's this?
(Nigga Nature tried to convince me man, word to motha)
Not that nigga, not that nigga that nigga's too pretty
(You gotta do somethin man, you gotta do somethin man, word up)
Take that nigga to war
Yo Nature, listen man In a jacuzzi flashin, splashin like a uzi blastin
Much love for thugs, God bless B.I. ashes
"Whattup with Cormega?" Live niggas keep askin
The exhibition, flexin, throw my extra clip in
Chrome bugotti VVS's, check it
Niggas talkin bout, how real they kept it on record
Screamin out, Q.B.C. but don't rep it
Am I my brothers keeper or a faggot in love with reefer?
My Far Rock' niggas would love to meet ya
"Life's a Bitch" but shit gets deeper, fuck gold chains and sneakers
I had dat, when cocaine was cheaper
Yo, who this fake nigga soundin like me?
You wanna be me, but can't see a thousand like me
I'm loungin, you're like rookies on housin
You see my team comin and your heart starts poundin
You shook, gettin paid off the book
Niggas jeal-ous, my LS is off the hook
You see the Lex, you fake-ass thug, give me respect
Or be another nigga that my fuckin heater wet
My poetry is manifest, the words be correct
My empire rise, now my enemies are vexed
Yo Nature you finished, yo Nas you next
Yeah, clear my little man
YouknowhatI'msayin, Nas
It ain't nuttin personal, it's all business yaknahmsayin?
You let your little faggot-ass man come on me
But my man got a few words he wanna say to you
Yo son manNature your fake ass
Tried to be down and got your chain snatched
(Ice took the shit) and your little brother's tape back
Now you against the Mega star, puffin hundred stacks
In a Lex, LS, chewin on Escobars
But they too sweet, burn my teeth
Firm don't want no beef (yeah only three main people son)
Five stars, Q.B. to Desert Storm
Tomorrow's exclusive, check the new kid on the next hit
Find the illest kicks, play the strip, with the widest grip
Hover from night to light, now I push the tightest shit
The tighest click, we airtight
Roll deep and wear Air Nikes, some are scared some the fair type
But we rock mics and jams, like gats we cock twice
Runnin with the pretty boys, bitches say that's not nice
Straight out the 'Bridge, my DeLorean, showbiz
And if you want consignment you can find me where the coke isI'm a nightmare to "Street Dreamin" (uh-huh)
Nigga your whole crew is twenty-two's, my dudes street sweepin
Prepared, never scared, ones to bolster Flex (for real)
I'm ill, everything's real, ain't no special effects
Yeah, bring the drama, I like the fuckin trauma (like that)
A gladiator rocking steel plated armor
Yeah, you wanna step to me, you'd better bring a referee (why)
My name is 'Mega, y'all niggas scared to death of me
Yeah your man asked, I'm like a Columbian refugee
Murder any nigga in sight, any day or night
You see me in a jet black Lex, the coke's white
Lampin on the Hill, that nigga Nature thought he ill
I fucked his ass up like a Holyfield (just like that son)
For real the Real Deal, Montana, drama for short
Of course, yeah, the fucking boss
Yeah, that nigga Nature talk about he takin my spot
He took one punch to the face and just dropped
It's over La, I don't even know why you even won't try to come at me
This is Cor motherfuckin Mega yo
You know my status you fuckin faggot
That's why I fucked you up
That's why my man took your fuckin gold chain
And he's wearin your shit in the projects, you're a fuckin bitch
Knahmsayin Nas? You need to you need to you need to
Get a fuckin fireproof fuckin van next time you come through
Projects or they gon burn your shit down
Y'all niggas is idiots yo (word up faggot ass nigga)
Talkin about "Street Dreams" rockin a pink ass suit
(Yeah you talkin bout crack nigga)
What kind of dreams you niggas workin with, man?
(Them like a pink leather and shit)
Yo man, last crack y'all niggas sold was y'all ass!
You fuck with me, you're fuckin with the best, man, knahmsayin?
But y'all niggas ain't ready for fuckin war man
(Y'all ain't ready for war man)
Y'all ain't ready for the motherfuckin, the gun battles
Or the beatings on sight man
Don't fuck with me man! (Faggot ass niggas) I got no more to say man
Trick-ass bay-atches!

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