Cordae Freestyle | LA Leakers Freestyle #045



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[Intro, Justin Credible, DJ Sourmilk, YBN Cordae]
Yes, sir
It's the L.A. Leakers, man

That's right
Power 106, liftoff show
Justin Credible, Sourmilk
We've been invaded by the DMV, man
We had to stay, yeah
What's up man, what we doin'?
Oh, alright bet (ah)
Right into it, let's get right, this history shit
Remember this

Classic moments on liftoff with the L.A. Leakers [Part 1][Verse 1: Cordae]
(Okay, uh)
Why everybody always seem to give me half effort?
I guess I need more clout, I know I rap better
I gotta stack cheddar, apply max pressure
Ski mask, black sweater, the daily attire
It made me acquire effort, my lazy is fired
God damn, why the fuck do I feel so entitled?
Beef comin', I take the high road, my life spirals
I'm longevity chasing, you overnight viral
I fight rivals, and stand taller than five Eiffels
Used to trap in the tower, made a stack in an hour
Money, immaculate power, is what we all desire
I got a passion, raw as fire that can fan the flame
Fuck your company name, homie, your brand is lame
I know the panic came, when I arrived
Soon controllin' the game, one of the flyest guys
Mama, please dry your eyes, you might decide
That your son a king
A crazy youngin' with a ton of dreams
I've seen a bunch of things that would make the average man commit suicide
But God know I had a plan
They sellin' souls, nigga, grab a stand
And for a bargain and a half a xan
You can buy the next mumble rapper, who
Had to humble after the label dropped him and robbed him (Woah)
Game is the Gotham, my vice is sex
Dodgin' the Feds
My foot on the pedal, my brake in the cycle
Got the heart of a rebel
You see, the way it gotta be
I stack a lot of cheese
And I keep my mob deep with rap prodigy
Never say my name, spit flame, who as hot as me?
Bro snatched a chain from a lame, diabolically
Imma be myself, with the wealth, no apologies
Never fuckin' switch it up, this rap shit ridiculous
They can't get rid of us, they tried it all
Every power has its rise and fall
Hear my phone, I'll decline the call
Please, do not disturb
Got a presidential flow, I'm Barack with words
New age, but they still puttin' rocks in herb
Pray to God, and I know that's gonna block the curse
'Cause I'm ill, nigga[Interlude: Justin Credible, DJ Sourmilk, Cordae]
Hold up, hold up
Let's keep going, let's keep going
Keep goin? Yeah, what's next, nigga, what's good?
YBN Cordae is here
Yeah, I'm here to stay for a while
With the L.A. Leakers
Ooh! Ooh! Came with diversity
The Los Angeles Leakers
Let's switch it up a little bit, let's switch it up a little bit
Let's show them how we do this
They tried to throw me off
Only real MCs can come on L.A. Leakers show
They tried to throw me off, okay
YBN Cordae
Let's get it[Part 2][Verse 2: Cordae]
I need a new Bugatti for the few who got me
Killin' beats is a ruthless hobby
You say your shooters caught me, never do what's floppy
Drop a kid like they do karate
I'll be the first, never lied in rap
I am a great, no denying that
I spit the high on the fire tracks
I cannot wait to blow up, when they say he acquire racks
I switch the style, and I make it easy
I changed my friend, because they was greedy
I'm makin' money, they pay to meet me
I give a fuck if a hater's scheming
I gotta grind and make every dollar
My money stronger than Larry Lobster
I work that magic, that Harry Potter
You niggas scared I'll bury ya, ayy
All my niggas rich, essketit (huh)
Just dropped a bag at Lenox, (huh)
New black whip, all tinted (huh)
New black whip, no renting (ayy)
Kill the freestyle on the Leakers, (huh)
Used to get head from the teachers, (ayy)
Smokin' that gas, no reefer (ayy)
Shit loud like the speakers (ayy)
Look, mama proud like Penny
Cracked the code, no DaVinci, (ayy)
Look, all my niggas wear Givenchy
Choker on me, no lynching (ayy)
Look, plenty ya bitches is fine
When ya cash out on designer (ayy)
Look, I need a bitch like Madonna
We'll take a trip out to China (ayy)[Interlude: Justin Credible, DJ Sourmilk, Cordae]
The Los Angeles Leakers
YBN Cordae
Let's keep it goin', man!
He flexin' on ya'll right now, MCs
Let's keep it goin', it's the L.A. Leakers, man!
Ain't no cell phones in sight, this real hip hop shit!
Woo, alright, alright
Let's get it, no
And he said no cell phones

We gotta end it with a bang, man!
YBN Cordae! History shit!
The Los Angeles Leakers
Damn, this shit drop hard!
It's classic, still slaps![Part 3][Verse 3: Cordae]
Check it out, listen (uh)
Blessed with a mind to help me shine to the throne
Didn't have any support, I had to grind on my own
And where I'm from, you get sprayed like the finest cologne
So if they shoot, you better duck, unless you dyin' alone
Consider yourself lucky if you listen to this
I told you I was the greatest, I predicted this shit
It's funny 'cause the same girl suckin' and lickin' the dick
Will go home and just start huggin' and kissin' the kids
And they always back for more, why they bother us?
I told you I'll call back, as soon as your father does
And when he doesn't, I know it build up a lot of lust
You do it all to make him proud, but that's still not enough
But fuck it, that's just the art of intimidation
See, fuck the judge and the litigation
And why these niggas hatin', 'cause I be fowin' like irrigation
They fear the nation
Had to rush and drop the tape, because the meal was patient
No pun intended, I'm at the doctors, I'm ill as fuck
I'm healin' up, they not feelin you, you not real enough
And to be honest dog, ya really suck
Find another hobby, ASAP
Please give it up
Please, nigga
Y'all niggas suck, like shit man
I ain't fuckin' with the rap niggas, yo[Outro: Justin Credible, DJ Sourmilk, Cordae]
You at the doctor, you ill?
Yeah! Hahaha!
YBN Cordae
See how we doin' it with the L.A. Leakers, man!
Classic material, L.A. Leakers' liftoff show
Justin Credible, Sourmilk
Power 106 is #1 for hip hop

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