Ayo Green, you know what?
Let's switch this shit up a little, fuck 'em up
Ayo, throw me some Kend-, throw me some new shit on
Give me that Kendrick nigga
That be humble shit, let's get that, c'mon
(Woooooooooo, yea, Reject on Steroids) [Verse]
Look, get out of pocket pussy nigga get your shit pushed (brrr)
Got some shooters at your house they layin' in that big (?) bush (yeah)
Hoodies so you don't see how them shooters with them sticks look (rrrrah)
Pull up in that driveway driver window [?] (doot doot...)
Bitch I've been that nigga since Lupe was singing Kick, Push
New York bitch was going right out that moment that your bitch looked (hahaha)
See them bitches face when they see how icy my wrist looks (ahhh)
Fuck niggas was hatin' now them niggas got the sick look
I know how to brick, look (yeah), I know how to whip cook
It ain't Friday but the neighbors still can smell the fish cook
I just got a drop on a location where your bricks put
Poke him in his mouth and rip his cheek like it's a fish hook (wooooo)
Yea, I've been waiting for a while for this (yeah)
Since I've seen Q with the transformer park that Alchemist (waddup my nigga?)
Said it's time to get up on my Math, I studied calculus (yeah)
Proud to kill the game and I'ma be the one to salvage it (ahhh)
I'm nicer than ever (aha), I'ma write in (?) whoever (aha)
We can fight this whatever (aha), I will Tyson whoever (hahaha)
Throw the raw on the scale, all the white shit I measured (whip up)
Sold the O's for a rack (aha), all my prices was better (talk to 'em)
What the fuck niggas mean? How they gonna fuck with Machine?
I'm in a hood near you, my 40 tucked in my jeans, my nigga (what's poppin'?)
We take it to another level when the drama pop
Empty MAC-90 at your mama spot, bitch be humble (hahaha, yeah, ahhhh)
I don't think they understand that shit, I said I am the shit
Might get on your beat and trample it and leave my stamp on it
Move that brick I get my hands on it, I just dismantled it
Break it down into some grams and then I hand to hand this shit (woooo)
Pushing keys on some piano shit and stacked a Benz from it
A philanthropist but still will have you wrapped in bandages
Even worse they find your body wrapped in some abandoned shit
I get to spazzin' on these beats I need some anger management
Took a few bullets but I don't have no disadvantages (hahaha)
So now I go harder like Jordan in the fucking championship (talk to 'em nigga)
I'm getting 6 rings nigga, off of this 16's nigga (woo)
And when I 16 nigga, spit like an M-16 nigga
You can go bring 16 niggas nigga (ahh), and each brings 16 niggas (ahh)
Watch how they all get the drum, watch how I let the clip ring nigga (brrr)
Get a flow so pristine nigga, ha, it's the Machine nigga (yeah, hahaha)[Outro]
Ahh, be humble bitch, shout out my West coast niggas man
My TDE niggas, my nigga Schoolboy Q, waddup nigga?
Get that 942 ready (yeah man)
Yeah, I'm gone Daringer, fuck this shit

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