[Verse] Young boy he in Sicko mode
Kill beats like sickle blows
Fuck snakes, I'm sick of hoes
White kid with the sick old flow
Spitting like he's prime Ludacris
And don't chat shit, I ain't in the mood for this
Making movements with the moon and shit
Bring the game back, kill who ruined it
Best think about who you feuding with
When it comes to bars, I'm the greatest with em
Got the wordplays and the greatest rhythm
You fake bitch, you a snake with venom
Got God praying when I say these writtens
Game of Thrones, better grab your mittens
Cause winters coming, better shut your mouth
Ain't King of Rap or King of South, this real shit
Give rappers heartburn when they feel this
In the field with, my mans strapped with the bats
And got them gats, incase rats get trapped in they feelings
Don't fear this, we fearless, if you near us
We drilling, we villains, with visions, for millions
These children, ain't driven, we making moves
While you stuck in position, we out here living
Grinding, timing to snap like lightning, shining
Climbing mountains, at the top I'm smiling
Grills out and the cloud are rising, stars aligning
Can't deny I'm flying when I'm writing, elevating
With a pencil I can make a painting
Half amazing, Half creation, no debating
With the words I'm saying, super saiyan
You cannot slay him, if rap is dying, I come and save it
Ain't been here waiting, just renovating
The style that I spit with, you ain't a Lit Kid
You a Shit Prick
With a limp dick, you a pimps bitch
With welfare checks and a big pig
For a mother with thick hips and a slick lips
Who sucks dick just to get tips
Best think before you start racing off
Cause lifes gone in a flash with the click click
And a kids hit, near the street light
I'm a Rap God, the elite type
You a rap fraud, when you speak I
Noticed you can't get on beat right
You'll get beat like, I'm Bruce Lee in a street fight
It'll be six feet when you sleep tight
I come through with the kings men
Make a strong mark like Kingsman
Still stay on beat after drinking
Clear the castle out, bring my things in
This my kingdom, King of the Game, that shits true
King of the South? Who the fuck is you, haha...

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