[Intro: Cody Strong]
I want you [Verse 1: Cody Strong, The Undergrad & Both]
I can serenade you inside the bedroom
I'm 180 pounds of muscle, steel, and sex appeal
I watch The Bachelor and love listening to my mom
He really, really, really, really likes hairy nipples
He really likes drinking anal juice
I have a puppy at home

I was MVP in my school chess team
I has potatoes
Drop that zero and get with a real hero[Chorus: Cody Strong & The Undergrad]
I got a Lamorghini
He buys pop-tarts without the frosting, hashtag weird
But I know Beyoncé
But you loved it when I caressed your little niplets
I have a huge dick
You look exactly like my mom, we should make out
But I wipe my own ass
You don't even eat the booty like groceries[Post-chorus: Cody Strong, The Undergrad & Both]
He doesn't eat the booty
I have bigger boobs
He has a micro-penis
You don't even eat the booty like groceries

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