How to Make Friends / Trap Queen (Parody)

Cody Strong

[Verse 1]
Chicken nuggets, that's a cool hat
¡Hola! ¿Cómo estás?
My parents aren't home
Wanna come over and play?
Come with me and I'l buy chipotle
Can I kiss you? Hi, I have AIDS
Let's be friends with benefits, hello m'lady [Verse 2]
Just tell her that you love her
Do you smoke weed?
Let's share secrets, I have Hepatitis C
I just wanna love you baby, I'm a sex machine
Nice tangerine[Verse 3]
Yesterday you said tomorrow so just do it
I will share my food with you and so much more
You have nice eyes, may I touch them?
I saw your mom and my banana just got big
Let's go eat some gainz
Wanna get super high on life with me, Dad?[Verse 4]
I like turtles
Let me lick them hairs on your chinny chin chin, yes
Your epidermis is on point
I like your butt
My mom's boyfriend is gay, howdy
[Verse 5]
We must be friends
I don't have friends
We're friends now, bruh, bro
What up broski? Bro, bro, broski
Bro of the broskiest
What kind of cereal do you eat?
I like your face, let's be friends
And I like your knees
Hi, I'll suck your toes
Would you like a friend in you?
You got a friend in me

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