[Verse 1: Yakuza Cowboy]
These kids is grifted with minimal sense of discipline
We in the trenches, hidden menace with ballistic instruments
Sprinkle pinches of cinnamon
Delicious rhythms limitless
Taught as cookies scorch a rookie on some crispy fritter shit
Business is business, don't question mathematics
In the traffic jam we brandish bazookas and blast the traffic
Panoramic painting of my brain in random transit
Pandemanium crocodile tears Arabian casket [Hook]
Give ‘em mass and watch they preconceived notions erode
Punch the numbers in the doors of perception, open the code
We in the basement, relay the information overload
I’m toe-to-toe with my own derangement, we bout to overthrow ourselves
The flow is hell now we caught up in a commonwealth
Spray a thug, paint the wall with blood like Jeffrey Dahmer does[Verse 2: Dastardly Kids]
So Dastard's been menacing since papa left for cigarettes
Black and mild till I got a brick on rock steady
Drunk off some ice tea, high offa' 80
I climbed to Mt. Olympus, told the rap gods, “bless me”
Obliged ‘cause the gods wise, got some with my mind straight scripture
Spit it in your face, if you hate niggas, break triggers
I was just too mad to aim, sprayed everything
Triple propane on a hot day
Hot as hell, hold it to the sun so it can light my Ls better
Fuckers cut up and they end up dismembered
Gutted, looted, got, one “RIP” on Twitter
I'm a go-getter blowin' smithers, that's some good pot
Immortal flow
I'm rotten if I could rot
Twist plot to dreadlocks blood clot make your heart stop
(Make your heart stop)[Hook]
Bone's eye, yeah (heart stop, heart stop)
Bone’s eye, mmm[Verse 3: Dastardly Kids]
Bone’s eye full of bone-cold
My tongue cold, spores fungal, tangled hair Rapunzel
I run soles like death skulls with eyes of coals trapped in the catacombs and you'll never know
I’m bad bones breakin' at the fingertips
A lone dog that never been obedient
Lurkin' in the back, buried from the seedy shit
Stealin' gold from the greediness
Dastardly from my head to my greasy dick
It’s masterful like acid pulled offa' sheets
Tactical like the sun when it's holding heats
Predictive how the world molded me
Grimy as dirt: how it's supposed to be[Hook]
Grimy as it's supposed to be, bitch

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