[Intro: CoachDaGhost]
I might just pull up with Freshy, chessy (ThatboyStats)
Shouldn't do Messi
Bag his 10, so it's next to Jessica
67, M.I.S., we the best seat
You can count for this shit, we ain't politicin'
See us workin' hard, that's 'cuz we got a mission
To all the nights we had frostbite
Seein' opps, we ain't rise my mama's kitchen (Ziggyonthekeyboard) [Verse 1: Freshy DaGeneral]
Lights off for the B, lil' 'queeze on the side
You would be low, got a beam to the side
Like an opps pull up, it's a V to the [?]
Tap the whole [?], I'm a demon [?]
[?] sayin' "can I get a piece of that pop?"
Backdoor, boy you know [?] three with naught
If we max dough, you'll know who did it
Ain't know the Joker, Got-me Johnny did it
Ion' give a fuck, this B ain' got a feelin'
And I swear we pushin' niggas to this limit
I ain't givin' passеs, anybody get it
And that boy there mad, gеt hit by a [?][Verse 2: CoachDaGhost]
Just makin' sure that y'all keep the same energy
All my opps, so if I know they remember me
Shots on shots like I [?] my Hennessy (Glaa, glaa)
I'm hot, they not but they feelin' me
I got G's checkin' me in Tennesse (Bow, bow)
Just for free before you turn to a memory
Nigga, please hold my [?] squeeze
You the first one to play, you won't get to squeeze
I hit Freshy like "bro, yeah I think it's time" (Go long)
They don't like it, but soon they gon' get in line
Hey, you know we the Cho, we the ghost
And if numbers don't lie, can I ask "is you niggas blind"?
See your finger itchin', I don't shoot for business
20/20 vision, no you won't let us shine (Nope)
Every step, we gon' slide, put your lives up
Back-to-back [?] so you know we got nice routes (Skrrt, skrrt)
Matter of fact, we gon' perch, leave 'em wiped out
Better not be thinkin' 'bout pullin' no knife out
Smash the treesh off the party on me
She keep starin' at all of my team 'cuz they iced out
Pull [?] at all my trips
Give her back to the streets, now she callin' my phone til' I pipe down
[Verse 3: Freshy DaGeneral][Verse 4: CoachDaGhost]

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