The Sound of a Handshake (We Wanna Break You)



Moneys shall be paid to the artist in the amount of a
(Moneys shall be paid to the artist in the amount of a)
Specified percentage of profits, not including:
(Specified percentage of profits, not including timber) Facial reconstructions for the pope (uh-huh)
(Facial reconstructions for the pope) (brrr)
Midnight hot tub cigar, soirees at the c.e.o.'s h.o.u.s.e
T-t-t-top of the line orthodental braces for the, for the fox family children
T-t-t-t-tinsel ninja masks for all seasonal employees
(T-t-tinsel ninja masks for all seasonal employees)
Compensation for any third party bicycle physicist hired for
An-an-any per-diem or long term per-poem balloon explanations
Any company inc. mountain tip top bathhouse-outing
Haley's comet research
(Haley's comet research)
(Haley's comet research)
(Haley's comet research)
Shorthand slavic embroidered pillowcase inscriptions
The saving of the children
(The saving of the children)
All company carnies, not excluding kurt the neut cat or any water jug
Jesters on retainer prior to the established concrete street date
The con-c-c-concre-c-concrete street date
...and the hooker hits the streets (htshh)(This is not a diss
Just knocking absurdity
At the mouth of opportunity)

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