This dark sky of wild beauty
Haunts my presence in the cold
Haven, heaven, do not forget me
I am too small to be bold Crystals, bristles, shards of wonder
Reach into the sealed future
Pray that you will stay the thunder
Chaos, pray us to be surerBlade of fury is the flurry
Sometimes soft and sometimes death
Kills the warmth within us, hurry
Worry is the winter's breathCamp light, lamplight in the day
None to see the hidden night
Striking, liking all we see
Wild, in the color's brightWild Wonder, full of beauty
I thought I could hold you close
I say I see, I sigh I could be
You are gone; you are a ghostBelief, relief, my Hidden Helper
Stands too close for me to see
Perish, nothing is my help, her
Work is done; my bonds are free

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