Capri Sun lyrics

Oh, shit
I like this
Let me talk my shit
Uh [Verse]
Heads turn when I step in the room
The type of art I make sure be kept in a [?]
I'm the one they expected to lose
Turn into Superman when I step in the booth
Turn the fire on and cook when I get in the stu'
My brother told me I'm the best, well I guess that it's true
I [?] all though I never drink brews
All I smoke is skunk, this that Pepé Lе Pew
They ain't f'ing with you when you got that FN with you
Most thеse rappers food like [?]
Rapping good what I put my effort into
I'm cold, I leave 'em on their toes like they stepped in the pool
That first thought is probably "Where'd he get his garments"
"If he got that, imagine what else he got in his closet"
If they was in their bag, then it must be the garbage
All my diamonds flawless and my bitches gorgeous
Leveled up and switched my hustle, came some way from flipping ounces
Charging fifteen for the
Shout oI deserve a couple acres, came from sleeping on them couchesI need something with a view to watch the sunset off the mountains
CJ Fly – Capri Sun

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