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One of the most challenging and exciting games, on Madboy Hub is generating a lot of raves right now. People can’t stop playing, and the reason behind this is its global leaderboard Taking your username to the top of the leaderboard in isn’t as easy as it seems. Players around the world are hoping on and giving multiple tries to this adventure multiplayer game but still falling short with few pointsIf you want to score high in, then you really need to read further. With the help of online champions of, we have compiled a list of the best strategies that will help you defeat every imposter in this catfight in space1. Trapping the ImposterThe most effective strategy for is trapping the imposter. You can choose any random imposter, and then you can trap him by circling him. This way, the imposter will eventually give up, giving you an easy killThis strategy sounds easy, but it takes a lot of planning and quick thinking. The first rule of this strategy is, never be constant with your moves. Be dynamic as much as possible. If you keep circling in the same motion, eventually, the imposter will catch up. So always be unpredictable during a catfight
2. On the edgeAnother effective strategy of making a score in is taking the imposter to the edge. It is that one place where very few imposters hang around. At the edge, you can focus on a single imposter. It is the perfect spot for trapping your enemyThere are few things you need to keep in mind while taking your enemy to the edge. The first is never to reveal your plan beforehand. Keep the imposter distracted until it reaches the edge. Furthermore, once reaching the edge, take him out once and for all
3. Take it slowWhile initially starting, remember to take things slow. Choose your kill carefully, take out the weakest first and then slowly move forward on the leaderboard. If you go directly for the pro player, you will lose. Keep yourself out of the way of pro players at the startFind the weakest, and take them down, one by one. Remember, there is a reason why some players are at the top of the scoreboard. They know every possible strategy there is. It takes patience and perfect planning to catch the big fish4. The hunter and the camperAfter scoring some points and taking out weak players, you need to change your strategy completely. Now, you need to select imposters randomly and then hunt them downChoose a random imposter, and follow him around for some time. But remember, do not let him/her realise that you are onto them. Find the perfect moment, and then snap, just like Thor, go for the head
5. The chaos makerThe chaos maker is one of the most sinister and smart ways to score multiple kills. It requires a strategy on a big scale. Things move pretty fast during this strategy. It is one of the riskiest strategies out thereThe chaos maker is the imposter who uses chaos as a ladder to reach the top of the scoreboard. The first thing you need to do as a chaos maker is, find the most populated area in space. Once you find it, analyze it carefully. Find the perfect moment for entering the herd. Go for the big kill, as it will cause a lot of panic among other nearby imposters. Then carefully and with stealth, go for others quicklyIf you perfectly plan out each of the above-mentioned strategies, you will become unstoppable. But, do remember you are not the only one who has the power of knowledge and skills. Visit to play this awesome online multiplayer game and good luck, may the best imposter winVisit here:

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