Last Laugh lyrics

Like dials on a clock
Can I undo the shock
That left me needing answers
Theres a sign from above
I misread
I'll guess I'll end up dead I'm in search of devices
To undo my vices
I'll pay well
To not descend to hell
I don't miss another dose
To avoid all my ghosts
To not choke when I swallow
All my pride for the last time
For the last time
One more time
One last timeNo!
I know!
I know!
I pleaded ignorance but still have so much left to say-
They knew!
All along!
I disrеgarded every chancе and no it's much too late
All in vain
Now I relinquish-Everything
Plunge into the deep end-feast on anxiety
Blackened lungs-absent sun!
Blackened lungs-abesent sun!
This is not anything new

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