Hook: Under the moonlight
We same to grow more closer by the night
I think its only right that we propose a toast ..to the host with the mostI kept their eyes on me for long enough
Long enough to boast...I think its only right
That we propose a toast1.Spend my days and nights inside of venues living the night life ...2.FLashing cell phone camera lights and red light specials for half the price3.And ravenous girls with heavy appetites for destruction
4.Corruption and savage lifeI dont know how much longer i can play along
I dont know how much longer i can lead this lifeHook: i think its only right
That we propose a toastTo every single we life we lost on our journey
Along this rode
So much farther to goIts only right that we propose a toast
To everyone who never had to lie never had nothin to prove or showWhoaaa1.spend each waking moment of your life trying to figure out whats wrong and write
To lose all of your morals in sleezy club..to spend all of your money on some chains and iceWe livin in society where everything you do is judged by the caliber you lead your life
I think its only time before we recede and dieHook:Spend each wakin moment of your life
Trying to live it before you dieTo wake up in a coma kuz you got beat up
To walk to the store get shot down tonightThis life is unpredictable ..its unforgettable
Its so incredible frôm time to timeI think we should be wise
And make the right decisions to achieve in lifeTo surviveHook:

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