[Verse 1: Dynasty]
How you hate change but always want something new
Walking down the strip with the clique like my summer cruel
That V my trigger like I’m Kenny Omega
Play my shit cool, big daddy, Vinnie Vegas
Shock the world
Beat the Chinese playing table tennis
Find a thick girl
Chun-Li the way she wearing leggings
I like the women who don’t think that they gone go to heaven
Go ahead and give me head and walk away like nothing happened
I don’t evеn know where I was going
Saw a blunt being rollеd
So my mind just started flowin
Got some tits being shown
So you know that we recording
Got some assets on my phone
Watch my folio start growing, what [Verse 2: DBD Halo]
It’s like every time they hear a verse from me they trynna elevate
Cus rappers get to lackin I’m the one that’s finna set em straight
Didn’t take a lot for me cus I been hot up out the gate
I started bossin up and got my fake friends out the way
Sad to say but dealt with the same when I went thru cold pain
War every season this life you playin a cold game
Washin rappers scrubbin y’all out wit these bars of Olay
I murk ya whole team in ya spot, now that’s a cold case
Bodybag a rapper and kill the smell wit a sulfate
Game full of lames, so to many I never correlate
Really have me buggin, so at times I gotta separate
Treat a beat like pussy with the bars I like to penetrate
[Verse 3: Fungshway J]
I don’t know what’s going on no more
I don’t know what’s going on no more
Pound of weed, three rounds of whores
Don’t fuck with us, we’ll knock down your door
Voice is hoarse
Pills what the doctors for
She play my coarse the day after divorce
What’s come over me, we get it from the source
Yea we get it from the source
It’s the pill poppin
Dropped out of college
Keep your two cents, but give me your wallet
Ima bad influence with a flow like a faucet
Too much flossin, dentist told me to stop it[Verse 4: Newell]
Tweedle dumb tweedle dee
Girl I hope you not over me
Can I run it back to ya when I get back from overseas
Like my name was Great Gadsby
Baby girl you so cold to me
Colder than that line Cole got blocked out on Jodeci
Ima need you to focus please
I’m the hottest thing out since summer 2020
Ima stay on the mic til you niggas take it from me
Or til your or over me
But I don’t see that happening
Cause I just wanna rap tracks and bring back the old school
Girl I’m so soulful
Coolest nigga in the room
No Pro Tools

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