[Verse 1: LaHenny]
Ima pull off on a yacht
They see the fit oh my God
Pull up and trip at yo job
Them people knew I been hot
Fiji, on me, water
Walk-in, pop my collar
Bitch I’ll be drippin for centuries
This shit it come with some enemies
They prayin and wishin the end of me
Nun of dat shit don’t mean shit to me
I’m on it until they get sick of me
Even then ima be in ya memory
Twisted Tea, mix it with weed
Won’t even believe what it did to me
All of my garments imported and some of my shit evеn comin from Italy
Heard niggas been plottin on takin on my spot at the top like thеy finna get rid of me
These niggas be stealing my sound
Yea they sound like my sons
Stealing my energy [Verse 2: Eddie Teak]
I’m with the skaters it’s radical
I’m hoping the weed stayin taxable
I’m speaking all of that factual
My life an actual movie
Strip club, we getting groovy
Bad bitch, let her pursue me
I’m smoking big Backwoods
You niggas smoking on loose leaf
Cigarette smoke, I’m stressin
I was down bad so I DoorDashed
I’m famous now, stacking up more cash
Silverware, clean fit, polished
You niggas gettin demolished
I’m sippin that water it’s clean
All of my bitches is mean
I’m tryna cop me a Challenger
You niggas not even my challengers
I’m in the mountains smokin
Freak me, shawty gon work it
Yace on the beat and he merked it
[Interlude: A+]
Aye, yuh
Yace on the beat and he merked it
Aye![Verse 3: A+]
Beast mode bitch I’m activated
It’s duffle bag bitch get acclimated
Choppa bussin like I’m masturbating
And the Feds watching so the cash in cases
Fast life I ain’t have the patience
Had to go and get it I was tired of sittin
Swear it’s churches how we whippin chicken
Yeah my weed expensive just like all my bitches
Standin ovation come send that location
I beat it like Tyson and kill it like Jason
Like Freddy I’m deadly we etch you get sketchy
She gone off that Hannah she givin that Becky
Plus been a God while you niggas just Demi
I ball till I fall while you wait on that stimmy
You pinching for pennies, we roll up in Bentleys
Hop out and shoot you for going against me
I been that nigga for bout a whole century
Stick got you sticky same color as Trippie
Red now he dead two shots to the head
Speed off quick then I cop from the dreads
Ion give a fuck what a broke nigga said
Big ass gat leave a hole where he stand
Ion give a fuck what a broke nigga said
Eyes wide shut unless he talkin bout bread
[Verse 4: Activethegreat]
It’s been a minute since I rapped like this (what)
Been a minute since I been in my bag like this (damn) (yeah)
I can’t believe that I stack like this (yeah)
Can’t believe that a nigga had to gas like this (skrtt)
I seen the oops whole network
Niggas you small (yeah) but you all in the Inland talking bout you really ball
Nigga stop all this capping, you don’t even write your shit
Man I seen the competition, just a basic ass bitch
Get the pen (woo)
Turn em to cattle
Bitch I need a fade (bitch I need a fade), fuck a battle
One shot, two shot, one more that’s three
That’s one to the head and the body and the feet
Man this getting money shit is too easy (too easy)
Late night in the studio it’s breezy
Phone calls with the manager, it’s money on the way (money on the way)
Take to the trip to the bay for the day (okay)
Fuck up the whole check in one play (one play)
I be just living life, what can I say
At Chrome and your bitch on the way
Bet the whole team hit it either way (aye!)[Verse 5: Yace]
I get sentimental every time that I smoke
Cause it remind me of the times that I was 18 and broke
Honda Civic, hot boxing with the boys spitting flows
Tactical with my decisions not a flaw got exposed
Now I get paid for all my writtens, got the best on my beats
Represent Riverside proving that we got heat
No more Top Ramen, big checks every time that I eat
Gotta learn to stay humble kdot walking the streets
Get into your prayer positions in presence of God
Icey chain, the next decision won’t get that from the mall
I got bitches on my dick but I can not give em time
I got wifey keeping secrets, she be blowing my mind

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