Moment in Life The day we used to sing
The day we used to win
The day we spent our time
With joy and dancing around
We had much pleasure in living
Time for joy
Just feeling safe and sound
We danced till the morning
Turning night time into day time
Living for a moment in lifeWe know that life can change that fast
Every day we just use to sing
The happiness stays in our hearts with us
We don't know, what tomorrow will bringThe day we felt so fine
The day of splendid time
The day wе knew
That hope can turn life to succеss
We felt the meaning of living
Time for fun
However life goes on
Enjoying each moment
From the morning till evening
Living for a moment in lifeSo, join our life and sing with us
Take the chance on what the day will show
And sing the song of joy in life
Don’t wait till tomorrowSo, don't waste time, and start to sing
You can't bring back past time
Do the best out of this moment, now
No matter if there is rain or sunshine
If you are ready. Then don’t hesitate
And start to join the song
And sing it from the bottom of your heart
It shows you right or wrong

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