[Skit: ChillinIt, Wombat & ]
Fuckin' hell...
Bro, do you have the lighter, Wombat?
Nah, man
Cuz, I swear, you used it last
Nah, fuckin' Bagzy used it last, man
Nah, 'cause this one, this one Bagzy, you've got a fuckin' ciggy lit right now, cuntYeah, and then you used it lastBut this one doesn't work, I don't think–
How am I gonna have this if it doesn't work?Look, the album's meant to drop in two weeks
Stop fucking with the lighterThen, where– how did ya light it?No! But I just, I just need to light my cone, please
Wombat, do you have the lighter?
I don't have the lighter, bro
Fuckin' hell, alright, hold on
I'm not fuckin' with you, bro, I swear
Hold on... oh, it was in my pocket, hahahahaFuckin' dickhead
My bad, boys, my– what's next, anyway?
Track nine or something, isn't it?We'll sort it out, let me have this and we'll sort it out, two secsWell, onto the next track

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