[Intro: Phone operator]
Six-one-two-zero-one isn't available right now
Please leave a detailed message after the tone
When you are finished recording
You may hang up, or press 'one' for more options [Skit 1: ChillinIt]
Bagzy, it's ChillinIt, fuckin', um... look, man
I've been talking about what we were saying the other night
And just, everyone's in my ear at the moment with this album, bro They're telling me, we gotta do it like this, we gotta do it like that
We have to put it out this way
Do more hooks and do less of this
And all that shit, and just... man, I've decided, fuck it
I'm just do this run it up track, I'm gonna do it my way
Like, I'm not gonna do it
The way everyone's telling me how to do it
'Cause that's what's got us this far and we're a family
So we don't give a fuck, man, we're just gonna do it
So give me a call back
And I'm gonna come to the studio ASAP, alright?
And fuckin', make sure you organise bud this time, cunt, haha
Peace, brah[Skit 2: ChillinIt]
Bagzy, it's fuckin' me again, brah
I don't know why you're dodging my calls
But can you please get back to me?
And don't get that same bud, bro, I don't want that Chinese bud
Aight? Please, get me some of Kute's
Get me some of the nice–
Call up Kute or somethin', even get Trill to organise some shit
And just get it into the studio for me
Because I'm comin' up to do this track
And we're fuckin' off the hook
And we just goin' go bars on bars, so
Please call me back, cunt
[Skit 3: ChillinIt & Bagzy]
Bagzy, fuck me dead, brah! It's been two days!
I know, what's doin'?
Hello? Hello?
Are you there?
Bro, where the fuck have you been, cunt?
I've been asleep!
Asleep? Brah, we're doing the album
You already left this, you already left this morning
It's been, it's been two days!
It hasn't, bro, you left this morning
Walla, it's been two days, bro
Hang on, let me check my phone for a sec
Oh... oh, it's Wednesday, oh, you were in here Mon–
What day were– you were in here Monday, weren't ya?
Hahaha.... 420 fam, fuckin' keepin' me alive
I'm sorry, brah
Anyway, look... can we come record this week?
Yeah, obviously
Please, bro, we can get it done
Obviously, brother
Alright, you got the buds
We're cool, we're cool, we're cool
We're all good
Yeah, we're sweet
Fuck me dead, bro, let's fuckin' do this shit
Let's get it

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