[Verse 2: Chii Bangaa] Me & brodi came in with sum big straps
Sh*t it hurt my shoulder with the kick back
Know these bullets gon rip thru his six pack
Leave his body cold just lyke a six packYou better hit that, You better get back
Gotta mac with a .40 it’s mix matched
If he died, then we smoking on his pack
But i’m focused on nothing but big bags& these 518 capping ass rappers is scared to reach out cause they’ll know i’ll be better than them
I grew up onna block with the killings N robbing broad day light while we was just tryna have fun
Just imagine ya bro inna field & you tell him to stay up, next day you lose thеm to a gun
Had to f*ck up a bag & then stay out the mix but don’t worry cause you know i’m still finna dumpSlydе on ya block with some big automatics (with some big automatics)
Know them guns get to clapping
Shoot lyke a movie cause niqqas been acting (acting, acting)
He get turned to a fraction
I got sum bros inna kitchen, they trapping (trapping, trapping)
Gotta invest inna ratchet
Remember back then man them niqqas was laughing, (man them niqqas was laughing)
Now you know who they blastingB*tch i was 13 clutching on .44s
That b*tch she all on my d*ck she a hoe though
Only wanna talk if you talkin that dough though
Niggas be talking but niggas be broke thoughBro get to dumping N you better go low
Slyde on they block but again it’s a no show
Used to be posted that shyt wasn’t no joke
Catch em he gon see the flash lyke a photoI call up Jdot, Sega, Draco
Know they my k*llas, they shoot when i say so
Get to the breesh, gotta get to the bankroll
Choppa gon have you dance lyke tangoToo Hunnit the gang, b*tch you know they ain’t ready
Pass me the cardi can’t sip on no henny
Chop gotta kick i ain’t talking bout Jet Li
Smoking on dope while i’m catching the Becky

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