The brutal truth is
That I’m just a simian strutting around in a 4K suit and cumming
In their eyes, I’m normal and social
But when someone is screaming
While they scream I just act like I’m fuckin
I wouldn’t
I fuckin hoisted it up
Guess I fuckin forgot I was beating the nails into the cross with my fistsThe brutal truth is that I’m just an idiot walking around I’m a cheap gorilla suit
Shake hands with Wonga
On Christ I’m gonna
Reach inside your fuckin skull and pry until I find the fuckin
There’s nothing
The truth of the matter is
And fucking
Things fucking apartI was beating the nails into the cross with my fistsAlright fine
I didn’t wanna have to tell
But since you’re here in my house now
Cornering me
I didn’t wanna have to tеll you
But I’ve been changing
I’m in an altered statеAnd that’s my brutal truthHang myself
Kill myself
Hey, look at me
Look at him
You know, guys like us
We gotta stick together

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