You look so beautiful lyin' there, I hate to wake ya
And leavin' this room is the hardest thing I've ever done
We've locked the world outside for a while
But as long as we keep lovin' each other
There'll be another time, another day, and another night Baby, baby, baby, I think it's morning
And I've had my arms around you all night long
Oh, but I see a ray of sunshine on your pillow
And when the room is filled with sunshine, we'll be goneBaby, baby, baby, c'mon don't cry now
You know we've gotta go our seperate ways
Ah, but I'll taste your lips everytime that I kiss her
And everywhere I look I'll see your face'Cause when she's with me and he's with you, girl
You still have our rendezvous, our secret place
For me and you till the next timeAnd, right or wrong, I promise you, girl
There we'll make our rendezvous
Something we can hold onto till the next timeBaby, baby, baby, I think it's morning

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