Everybody gather closer
Welcome to the Fish Outta Water
Move your body, pack this party
Focus closest let's get focused Welcome to my hairbrain meeting
Packed like some economy airplane seating
Try to compete and get your fair game beating
But I set off alarms if you share the same greeting
Discretion if your eyes are timid
Sky's the limit
First impression as it applies to gimmicks
I'm old school like my gram's old shovers
[Unknown] a manhold coverRap ....
Keep 'em hanging like plastic straws or strapless bras
We make 'em sizzle like devils in damn rain
The king, like Martin Luther or Evelyn Champaign
Dirt hustle with a hurt muscle
I watched hip hop escape from New York like Kurt Russel
It spread west like a virus airborne
And it's heard best when it's supplied in rare form, yeahChorusHey
It's been a long time comin'
A strong rhyme and some Cheech and Chong mind numbin'
Pidgeon-holed by people who hate change
This isn't broken and can never be maintained
And now I estimate or purplex the bait
Or how they investigate and suppress the hate
Mistaken these fake fans for great friends
They secretly shake hands and straight grin
Collateral damage...
They splatter your cabbage and your cadaver can vanish
But hear what (what?)
I spill emotions while making you feel the same shit
You rappers are sweeter than pixie stix
I'm screamin "fuck George Bush" like the Dixie Chicks

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