Yo, look into the divine service for comfort beyond murder son
Rest in peace Bianca Yvonne Ferguson
One of my youngest immediate first cousins
It's ironic that she was the first summoned
Between Ferguson and Timberlake families
Reared to be a woman despite life's calamities
My mental camera candidly covers her like a canopy
Look in the pictures I ask myself can it be true
Out of all my loved ones
Deceased at rest
She's the one who you would least expect
The peace would get
The grief that sets rage resent
That my uncle told me how these bizarre chain of events went
A poorly ventilated club and some pepper spray
A stampede and my cousin was just a step away
She was crushed and died at E2
And now we reminisce over you
My god [Chorus]
At first I cry
But then I realise that you're still here with me
You'll never die
You'll just be resting up peace in the sky
You touched so many lives
Now we're better off for having known you BeBe
No goodbyes
Cause I still got you by my side
I still got you by my side
Yo, after she passed I was never the same
Her moms face covered in pain whenever we came
My cousin ended her strain
And surrendered her pain
To the person who we described
And remember his name, all the same
Questions i must ask
Why didn't one of us pass when the tour bus crashed?
Clubs packed past capacity
Secured much cash
But safety wise bodies were treated like surplus trash
And I can't imagine her agony
Tainted gradual tragedy
Hated gathering families
To fly the shy to seek a sleep eternally
I had to learn how to weep internally
And keep hell's heat from burning me
I wish she would have move back to cali
Had a relaxed finale
But life ended so early for my cuzo
I love you Jo
Is real clear
Your physicals passed on but your memories still here
And I'm sincere

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