DTW (Outtake) lyrics

Well I know I'm right
Please let me
And you're god damn wrong
Just bet me
Please leave me alone, forget me
You're always wrong (wrong) Don't take advice, don't listen
You got no right, stop bitchin'
Don't need no help, keep wishin'
You're always wrong (wrong)Where you go, you belong
Adjust your state of mind
When they told you you're wrong
Adjust your state of mind
Things got bad, you got strong
Adjust your state of mind
Got a long way to go
Look first, don't fall behind
Adjust your state of mindWell I predict the end
In front of me
You are like the only one I know
Who's got thе eye
Who wants to be
Lеt's destroy the world
And let's all go
Let's destroy the world
And let's all go
Chad I Ginsburg – DTW (Outtake)

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