[Intro: Chad da Don]
Cars and the kinnas, it's part off the business (Wooo!) [Verse 1: Chad da Don]
Fly money bitch, fly me out the country
Tswak it up, call Motswako like Morafe
They compliment me, a re "Sharp, fede, danke"
I'm still the Don and lowkey I know she want me
You huff and puff, I double clutch on that blunt
Double up if I must
[?] the crumbs if I must
I was down in the mud, low ground now I'm up
Made forty thousand for nothin', two hundred thousand a month
My shorty brought a baddie home and I didn't wanna bust it
I used to always dream of this not knowing what it come with
She fell in love with me, must be the lifestyle that it come with
And I done seen a homie lose it all over one bitch
I can't fall a victim to the system, it's just not me
Used to keep 'em wishin' over Christmas, then I got cheese
Felt like I was locked up in a box, then I got free
I heard 'em spit a lot of dope shit, but still they not me
Car full of winners
I'm a shark you a lizard
Go hard, you too timid
Dog gods for forgiveness
I'm a god, let you witness
These bars to precision
Yeah I charge for a visit
And make art for a living
If it's dark, let it glisten
Better start what you finish
In a car 'cause I'm driven
Superstar with a vision
They always make assumptions 'bout me
The blunt got me quiet but I let the guap speak, yeah
[Pre-Chorus: Chad da Don]
Oh yeah we did it
Oh yeah we did it
It cost to be the boss, took a loss now we winnin'
I'm on top with the business
Can't stop, gotta get it
It's on lock do not stress, as if it drop they shift with it[Chorus: Chad da Don]
Cars and the kinnas
Cars and the kinnas
See us we don't fold, we let out bars be the witness
The cars and the kinnas
These scars made us winners
Went hard in the winter for the cars and the kinnas[Verse 2: YoungstaCPT]
Cars and the kinnas
My squad is gorillas
Eating banana skins, and a orange for citrus
You're supposed to be married man, you hardly committed
How many husbands actually transform to the villain for the cars and the kinnas?
I crafted this rhythm
I started a business
With my smarts and my wisdom
It took long but I built it
Hustled harder than Simmons
The end is far in the distance, so I jog for the fitness
Wanting cars and the kinnas
Go hard 'til it's sticken
This loyalty among members of staff is forbidden
I am illmatic, [?] was written
Like a wizard reading scriptures, the answer was whispered
It was (Cars and the kinnas)
The combo is twisted
When you can't perform it live now, the songs hit you different
So I have to write bars that can guard you in prison
Go to zero to a hundred like a car that you've driven
The cars and the kinnas, can darken your spirit
Even I forget I'm an example to children
The citizens are actually put last in the system
We numb to what comes as if we on penicillin
Chasing cars and the kinnas
It's hard to admit it
When it creeps into your heart, it can start any minute
Remember it was Eve in the garden who bit it
Your life is just a short film and God gives the snippet, yeses
Black Tears (Black Tears), Music (Music)

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