I’m using your pain for my gain and there’s no regrets
All this is a game what a shame i wish you the best
I’m brushing my mane never tame i’m keeping you stressed
Drum kicking it’s beating the beat with a bulletproof vest Pole fishing i finished the mission i’m obtaining the chicken
See i been in the kitchen fucking beating the dishes
I be , doing the business while they hoping and wishing
I be, doing the business while they hoping and wishing
IM SORRYI been on the road
I get in my mode (yeah)
And i got the answer i swear i unlocked the code
Plenty phony niggas the flexing is getting old
Plenty pretty women im sexting over the phoneGive me everything everything that i never known
You not benefiting i’m bout to leave you aloneSaid i’m putting you down bitch you must got the syndrome
I can only go up, do what i’m doing ten foldTENFOLD

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