Rah, it's BKay, una
Rah, it's BKay, una [Verse 1: TY]
Silly man try question my badness
It ain't no secret, I do get busy (Asked him)
No Clove and bram
But damn, bro, this little thing pretty (Clean it)
Hold on, who's that? Back that flicky
Wet that quickly, I'm thinkin' twice (Nope)
Bad one wanna suck on my pipe
Saliva drip in my Calvin Klein
I don't need a hundred guys
I post on my low, my circle's tight (Always)
True say I'm tryna skip that Russia
Manna got Chrissy and Jacky waitin'
Had me caught in my t-shirt button
My head top nappy, feelin' them patien' (Scrub it)
I was pissed when I got myself backed that day
Saw my face in the mornin' papers (Pissed)
Five man up on a dock
Wish just when the case didn't get a dismissal
I'm back in the wing with my tizzy
Prayin' the scanner don't pick on my signal
Stole top block like JB
From Day 1, better G like Herbo
Hop out, swing, get shaved in furcoats
Jump back in, take off like turbo

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