[Verse 1: Caspr]
Stepping on dirty drugs in designer kicks
Bitch, I moved to a different environment
I swear I fell in love with the pills when I tried this shit
My life is a [?] I think that I'm liking it
She want the Tec with the Wock, she picky
Smoking on dope, riding through the city
She taste a pill every time she kiss me
Smoking on dope, I been getting dizzy
Racks on my own, he try to copy the swag he a clone
I'm getting dizzy, I'm smoking on dope
Too high but I'm ready to go [Verse 2: Moh Baretta]
I'm might go flex up for no reason
[?] on me when I'm switching the seasons
I bet you I run up a check by the evening
And I'm smoking exotic changing up the climate
And I got some revenue off serving the clients[Verse 3: Lite Fortunato]
I play with the guap and she play with her nose
That 223. knock a lil boy off his toes
[?] out of the door
In the trenches with sandals, baby I'm the Pope
That glick got attachments, it came with a scope
She got too attached I had to let that hoe go
And I do the whole dash in the Vette, I go ghost
I might go Roberto Cavalli my [?]
My bitch a [?] she should be in Vogue
I get that bag and ship that pack on the low
I go cross the country, you work at Lowe's
Pedicure, manicure, pay for her toes
I got the bitches they came with the [?]
[Verse 4: Caspr]
I'm off the pills, they can't leave me alone
And I'm smoking [?], this ain't regular dope
I'm just tryna get rich and I'm tryna get low
And I'm tired of this bitch I told her "Go home"
Don't even think bout the break put my foot on the gas
High on prescription, I think I'm a crash
Medication I'm a sip
I'm different, no I'm not a regular kid
Bloody nose, I got blood on my wrist
Said she only taste the pill when we kiss
All I know is that I'm with a demon
I'm a drug, I make you fiend for a kiss
Real swag, I might leave with his bitch
Got one rack, that I spent on my kicks
Can't get your love back, so she throwing a fit
I'm a Rugrat, but she know I'm the kid
Pills don't have to make me leave
Pills in my nose gon' make me bleed
I get up and I can't speak
My bitch is exotic, can't fuck with a treesh
I don't see you and don't see what you mean
You talking a lot, I don't know what it mean
And it don't mean a lot to me, so baby I gotta leave

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