Shook Ones Freestyle lyrics

B. Dull on the ones and twos
Kyle Denmead on the threes and fours
Me on my everything else [Verse]
Even when I ain't got the juice on me
The juice on me
The troops scared, poppin' them pills
And then Luke's army appear
Fuck that sucker shit you call your career
2014, I'm killin' all that shit
You disappear like a UFO after the sightin'
Don't come around my city rockin' chains on
That's rather invitin' to my, associates that's gang affiliated
I made a couple calls and you ain't affiliated with none of them
Who's tryin' to camouflage? I'm huntin' them
Snipe 'em up, duct tape mouth then cuttin' them
Wrap 'em Egypt style, I'm King Tut'in' them
Forgotten like Manchester
Forgotten like the pure knowledge of my ancestors, pussy
Forgotten like my social security number
Y'all saying I'ma fall off with this rap shit
Well, that's like saying triple six the purity number
I mean, it holds no logic
I put the fo-five at the hands of the man with the gold wallet
And tell him, "Don't hide it"
Ha, did you think I'm on my nice guy shit?
Just 'cause I signed on the dotted, sucker?
Not I though, I'm rolling 'round town, duckin' 5-0
Fuckin' my bitch she hittin' high notes
I see you, better tuck in yo' shit
In the land of the instrumental
No such thing as half way ripped
I'm takin' shots at the competition
Like they first name Hennessy
I'm drinkin' out the remedy still
I play a game of soccer all upon ya energy field
Rockin' the smirk that got Kennedy killed
I let ya legacy build up
So I can build and destroy
Rap dead, well, I'm fillin' the void
They derive a lot of happiness from winnin'
Well, I'm killin' they joy
Christmas mornin' and I'm stealing they toy
Look if y'all feelin' the boy
Then let yo' head nod
Only officer I ever speak to in my city
That's a dead cop
They swear that Cash Money live in the mansion
They saw on "Bed Rock"
Well, that's some fairy tale shit
Send you lead shots of insulin
Shit for your med shots, you sugar sweet
Headlocks, I'm Booker T
My dogs talk cocaine
I'm cocaine white, swear that I'm Pusha T
Rottweilers with crooked teeth
Backin' out the back alley with decoys, don't look at me
To be about that time you throw a hook at me
I give ya all of the publishin'
Yo just let me get the Instagram flick
And tell my dogs I fuck with 'em
Fuck a hundred different bitches off the strength
'Cause these bitches is thirsty, shit
And my dog's fucking 'em
Caskey – Shook Ones Freestyle

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