Whoo Icy lyrics

Jump in the whip, miracle whip, Ice get a pick
Grab me my b*tch
Come to the crib, that's where I live
Jump in the whip, whoo, miracle whip Check out the ice, yeah its so nice
That's ya girl ain't it, whoo, that's my new wifeCome to the crib, that's where I live
Jump out and get it, jump out and get it(Verse)
Whoo Icy, Whoo Icy, Whoo Icy
But the flow is spicy
Direct deposit shawty, you can not indict me
Come through in a whip that is super foreign
Come through witcho chick yea she super boringAll I get is lip service, I want sloppy sloppy
Shе say she want a man, thats what I will not be
Woke up to thе sounds of fountains, birds and chirping
Serve me pancakes in my robe yea you my servantLiving like a purchased bitcoin in the 80's
She said I think I'm late, them are not my babies
Middle name is smooth, I finessed the plug
Made a couple racks, left the game a thugCome through wit a whole different attitude
When I bless you wit my presence, show gratitude
When I bless her wit a message she sent back the nudes
Cut her off, now she crazy, she lost all her screws

Casiino Smooth – Whoo Icy

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