Cuz tried to take my bike
Ahh shorty what type of punch was that
Fuck em
I thought I taught yo ass better [Verse 1: Mediumjay]
Cops don't fuck with me cause I will bust back
Run off with yo shit nigga run up a sack
Pull up in the hood with an all black mask
And an all black strap and an all black gat
Catch you slipping on ice that's black man
Hitting bitches off with the back hand
Losing this weight like it's keto or atkins
Bomb ass weed that's word to the afgans
I'm pissing off bitches they call me R Kelly
She want a fat nigga come grip on my belly
Kanye west there ain't shit you can tell me
Tiffany haddish this bitch thinks she ready
I'm eating the bitch like her pussy be healthy
She arching her back like that really could hеlp me
I'm with the shits like I'm living in bеlly
Voodoo child cause my pops really eddie
We pull up with masks like jason or freddy
I know jamaicans with too many machetes
I'm holding the choppa like this ain't even heavy
I want the wap like I kick it with fetty
My new bitch down to catch a few felonies
My old bitch always had something she selling me
I know a rainbow haired bitch I can't tell shit
Cause she probably will tell on me man
She wanna fuck me and you think I'm lucky
But that bitch is crazy like the bride of chucky
I got me two pistols I rock em to sleep
I mention the weather if I talk to police
Roll with the spiders man like I'm sony
Saving the game like I'm playing goalie
I know too many niggas that think they know me
Sock em to the head like I'm mick foley
I ain't in a rush no paula abdul
Straight ludacris when acting a fool
Tim allen got me wildin with a tool
Show up with a trench coat at yo local school
Down for my niggas like colin kaepernick
Aaron hernandez I ain't afraid to cap a bitch
I'm the hottest out ain't nothing after this
I'm a hustler first who just happens to rap a bit
[Verse 2: Julius Stewart]
I keep this shit moving I keep it improving
I bag this shit up and then I pass it I do it
I open her legs and indulge in the moving
It's art that I love its art that I do
Eat the pussy right and I drink all the juice
You can not fuck with the bitches I oofed
Got these bitches robbing niggas
Bring me the money I'm a go flip it for two
Bitch serve me grapes on a platter
Heart isn't home easy to get her
This ain't no catch up its a race
Born in the east but it's not where I was raised
Passing on all of the praise
I don't want war I just want piece
Love is amazing man love is amazing
I keep it together my mind is so crazy
I don't got friends got assassins
Don't go to war if you ain't got cash bitch
Don't go to war if you ain't got cash bitch
Don't go to war if you ain't got cash bitch
Kush reviews give you the good reviews
To come check us out down on youtube
I'm high as shit but that's what we do
Pass it to the left like the killers do ouu
[Verse 3: Mediumjay & Julius Stewart]
Killing these niggas I'm stuck in the game
They gone off that coke and they stuck in they ways
Money gone come and I'm making the plays
Taking the shots and I'm winning the game
Back to reality life is insane
They keeping me down breaking out of those chains
Fuck all them haters man flush em away
2020's here baby I'm here to stay
Till this day till this day woo

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