[Verse 1]
Side by side
Why it takes so [?] at night?
Make your move
I recognize the path that you use [Verse 2]
That's how it goes — you're taking the time
Touch to see
My body wasn't good company
[Verse 3]
Face to face
It's been some years since I've seen your place
Kiss on my neck
Sending shivers; it's good to be back[Bridge]
I've come alive
With the day
[?] flowers, I couldn't wait
And there you were
Down the path
[?][Verse 4]
Side by side
When you're near, I'm causing me off
Ground [?]
Where you stopped by, always begin[Outro]
I have a wish
I have a choice
[?] let of this point
Ask me again
It's in the air if you're listening

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