One Day lyrics

Nobody sat beside me the entire time saying i’ll do it
They robbed me, they tried to kill me, they was fake
I knew it, I felt it
When I was eating they was watching me do it
Instead of asking for some food they started picking and chewing
Bitches picking and choosing
Used to winning and losing
Im too great to be involved with yall
I planted and grew it, I planned it and viewed it
I loved it and used it to fuse it, used & abused it
They said to shoot my shot so I was aiming for thе back board
The police shot and they was aiming for thе black boy
I love the block but i can't be here as they rat toy
Its like its voodoo and the chips I get are Ahoy
Realest Mexican inside of this porque yo soy
I made a commitment to do or die for this music wether you don’t or do listen
Fell in love with my ego and started fuccin’ on bitches
Now i’m saving my money cause I don’t pay ‘em the interest
It get intimate in bed but when you see me i’m distant
Don’t fall in love with me shorty
You know that i’m different
You desperate and vicious
I need a new preference
Avoiding your presence
I move like its Tetris
Days getting restless
Relationship treacherous
I don’t want you ever hitting my phone
I know when I get drunk I hit you up cause I be alone
It look great on the gram but I need a place to call home
11,000 fans and only 10% percent play the song
I don’t get it
Matter fact, never do did
Misunderstood, i’m from the hood
Dreams of a kid
Phenomenal and optimistic’s how it viewed on the grid
I went from SoundCloud plays to getting streamed in Madrid
I even learned to ride the current ‘fore I burned down a bridge
I was taught to always share the food inside of the fridge
I always tried to eat a portion that would cover my ribs
I had to cancel all the homies who would talk to my bitch, you know [Outro]
Let me hear it

Carat – One Day

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