[Verse 1]
Anxiety surround me like bezels are
Doin' with watches, yeah, ain't no pause
Yes, ain't no breaks, ain't no way we'll calm
They betrayed us so karma'll hit regular Go get it
Obtain what you worked for, sweated to get it
My shawty be so much better than she thinks
That's prolly my point of view, she fogged my lenses, yeahThis so fresh
Tomtor, climbin' to
Exceed the rim, yeah
(Exceed the rim, yeah)
We all bled like in Jorvik
Reloadin' notes, BeethovenWе ain't lookin' for a blessing
Gotta work hard, gotta be your own blessing
So you ain't gotta kneel to bе respected
Is it a crime to worry 'bout the time that be left, then?They say my passions are stupid
'Cause I produce beats
Wanna rap and make music, hey
Worry 'bout your business
You ain't mind it 'cause, dammit
You ain't even workin' to procure it, hey
Your people be annoyin'
My people be knowin' (knowin')
Rhymes are Glocks in the sock
Like the freestyling Tory[Verse 2]
Bros turnin' to foes (foes)
They turnin' their back on us
And they were turnin' the knife in the wound (knife in the wound)
They betrayed us, we know
World works the other way 'round
Like bars touched by toes
Trainings everyday, all the muscles are sore (sore)
Just like the minds of these people
Know they be lost
We got no respect for
The ones who ain't know
The fuck the respect is
Cut bridges, we chose
The people to trust
And the ties to keep close
The people to duck
And the ones to wary from
(The fuck the respect is)
(Cut bridges, we chose)

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