President Perfect (Little Miss Perfect)

Caleb Hyles


Pop, Lgbtq, Cover

[Verse 1]
Straight hair, straight A's, straightforward
Straight path, I don't cut corners
I make a point to be on time
Head of the student council
I don't black out at parties
I jam to Paul McCartney
If you ask me how I'm doing
I'll say, well...
"I was adopted when I was two
My parents spoiled me rotten, often"
I ask myself, what did I do?
To get as far as I've gotten
A pretty boy walks by my locker
My heart gives a flutter but I don't dare utter a word
'Cause that will be absurd behavior for president perfect [Chrous]
I can't risk falling off my throne
Is something I don't even know[Post-Chrous]
Straight hair, straight A's, straightforward
Straight boy
"President Perfect"
That's me[Verse 2]
One night, my friend stayed over
We laughed
And drank and ordered
Something about him drew me in...
What? It's totally platonic
That night, was so exciting
His smirks were so enticing
Hours speed like seconds
Then, what happens is iconic
He takes a sip, I bite my lip
He tells a joke, I nearly choke
He moves my hair, I sit there, blacking out for the first time
Next thing I know, I lose control
I finally kiss him but oh, no
I see a face in my window
Then my brain starts to go[Chrous]
You can't risk falling off your throne
Is something you don't even know
You can't risk falling off your throne
You don't even know[Outro]
Rewind, induce amnesia
Deny the truth, that's easier
You're just confused, believe him
When he says that there's nothing there
It's never worth it...
When you're "president perfect"

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