[Verse 1]
The divers dive beneath the surface
Hunger for the great unknown
Their heaviness will drive them deeper
Fearless against the noiseless cold Oxygen above their heads
Like halos rise
And then they break open
To ocean skies[Chorus]
And we keep on breaking[Verse 2]
We're in a tangle of transgression
Philosophizing in the dark
Each in our own isolation
Only love can penеtrate the heart[Bridge]
But in thе desert darkness one has found me
Embracing me he will not let me go
Nor will I let him go whose arms surround me
Until he tells me all I need to know
And blesses me where daybreak stakes its claim
With love that wounds and heals
And with his name
And I keep on breaking
And I keep on breaking[Outro]
Quoniam tu solus sanctus
Tu solus Dominus

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