Hail to the God my nigga
I think I reached my limit
Gonvern the Senate don't let em come for the nigga
Too quick don't shoot ball off of my pivot
I think it's more than a gimmick
Snapping ya back on cracks should've coped you a fitted
Straight the door of your civic
Holes in your linen
Pray to the Lord that you're living
Hail to the youth
Walk to your legs overuse
Run til your feet get abused
Living too righteous through you
Comfort and bandage my bruise then provide me with shoes
I'll take of your problems
I'll go poison you're knowledge
I'll help render your losses
Help you find worth in your wallet
Pray to sleep it's a dream imma wake up through all this like
And when I wake up let my emptiness accumulate my pay stubs
Frozen assets; enforce funds and budget cuts
Almighty dollar the riches nigga we giving up
And let you bout my life
How high spirits capitate my own mind
Brain power; institute what we won't find
And tell my brother and sisters nigga we alright
Look God knows I'm ready
Ready for my reload I'm exploding heavy
Finna go cop a pole with a gold machete
Weapons I'll let em go and release em deadly (aye)
Freestyle then I'm coming over
Caine Casanova ghost riding a bunch of stolen rovers
A couple killers in the cut if you ain't never noticed
I swear to God I made this up but y'all would've thought wrote it (aye)
A couple hoes on my timeline
Bitches coming over just to get the wifi
I don't juice hoes I rather keep their mouth dry
Schooling all these local rappers til I Columbine (aye)
Sending shots and I'm never missing
You better not go make a song without my permission
Don't leave no lines this shit was never written
You ain't worth my time or even worst dissing
Look alive as you die
Staring in the eyes of a desert eagle that can twindle in the cutest mind
Girl you so fine, so fine
Girl you so fine
You should be mine
Rewind; now reverse time
Now I'm stuck running backwards on a pedestal
Reversing decimals
Incapable to teach a movement that never move
But we ain't got shit to lose tonight
We done lived too much to lose a life
So I don't really give a fuck
Schizophrenic every now and then
But I'm gifted and cursed by the words of a common man
It can't be worst than my brother nem
But thoughts disperse for this type of urge from my mother's ken
Give a fuck who governing
Living undercover on a budget on ya mama's rent
I been knocking on doors looking for you man
Next time we coming through bitch we barging in
Release the beast
It's in defeat
We in the streets
You know that these niggas crazy
Potent leaves you know it's me
Poerty; the oldest jeep with bitches from the 80s
Bless the world with pride and all
Angels thuggin tucking busting firearms
If God is gangsta then the gangstas will be the Gods
And beat the odds til we all become a God [Outro: EBK Booka & Courtney Burks]
We pouring up fours
We stopping all shows
This uzi would shatter his bones
You niggas is clones
I'm in my zone, now tell her stop calling my phone

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