(Prod. by Lil Ca$h Benton) (Intro)
Let me talk my shit, bitch (7x)(Verse)
Let me talk my shit, bitch
This is 2020, bitch
All em niggas ain't got no tricks
Fight like John Wicks, bitch
Yea, we vibin' in this bitch
Gettin' this paper in this bitch
I been grindin' in this bitch
Grindin' hard in this bitch, yuh
You see me goin' on the rise
Them niggas actin' surprised
Makin' a very good strategy
Got them niggas on my side
Niggas is steady keep hatin' on me
Fresh new clothes, got the drip on me
They don't wanna see me make it out the mud
Hunnid percent got the drip on me
They tryna fuck up my reputation
But, this is the lituation
Handle some complications
Hot and cold, like air conditions
I had to stay focused
Cause, I don't wanna fall off
I gotta keep on grindin'
But them fuck niggas is fallin' off
I've been down since day one
Had to keep my grind on
Nigga, I had to shine on
You might get yo' mind blown
8th-grade dance in middle school
Get your mind gone
My bitches know I'm popular
So, I don't wanna be all alone
Fuck these niggas, look at my drip
I wanna spazz, check out my drip
Still drippin', look at my gear
Wearin' new hoodies still got the drip
Don't give a fuck what them hoes think
That's why they just so jealous
Make them other bitches mad
Don't really care, they just jealous
Fake ass niggas said no autotune
Don't give a fuck what nobody say
I can do what I want with my music
Like it or not, it's my music
They just jealous and all that
Actin' like they all that
That's why them niggas ain't shit
Them broke hoes ain't all that
Yea, time to run me a sack
Focus on gettin' my bag
Focus on gettin' this paper
Lil Ca$h Benton on the track
Might need a hunnid racks
Run it up in CashApp
Makin' beats all day
I don't care if they mad
Always keep the summer cold
Always keep the winner hot
I love usin' autotune
So, like it or not
Takin' my crown back
It's time to watch my figure
I'm the number one rapper
So I'm dethronin' you niggas
Let me talk my shit, bitch
Let me talk my shit, bitch
Let me talk my shit, bitch
WanyeSizzle on the beat, nigga
We litty
We outchea

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