[Intro: C-Easy]
Yeah, this the vibes
Make you feel good
Fuckin' wit' the right ones
Yeah, make you feel some type of way [Chorus: C-Easy]
I give her the vibes (Yeah, aye, yeah, give her the vibes)
She coming for the ride (Mhm, yeah, she, coming for the ride)
And everytime, she slides (Everytime she, everytime she, everytime she)[Verse 1: C-Easy]
Bought her a new pair in her size
Gripping her thighs (Aye)
I give her the vibes everytime she slides
It adds up and it multiplies
I know I'm what she likes
I can tell that she don't feel the guys that's by her sides
Pretty eyes
We hang out every night
And like the fair, she pay for the rides
Up here with a different flow
Getting money's getting old (Aye)
Thought of this new song I wrote
And now it's getting time to end the flow (Oh, oh)
[Chorus: C-Easy & YoungJeff]
I give her the vibes (Oh, she get the vibes)
She coming for the ride (She came for the ride, aye, aye, aye)
And everytime, she slides (She slides, YoungJeff)
Aye, aye, aye[Verse 2: YoungJeff & C-Easy]
You know that she is my ride or die
Walking 'round here with the double-thick thighs
You know she is down with whatever
We have each other
I'm tryna hold her
'Cause we gon' make it out the hood
Me and her, as we should
She my ride or die, she would
For the ride, as we could
'Cause you know that she got the fire
She got the fire, I'ma take it higher
Oh, ooh (Oh, oh, ooh)
Yeah, aye (Oh, woah, oh, woah)[Chorus: C-Easy, YoungJeff & ]
I give her the vibes (Aye, the vibes)
She coming for the ride ( The ride)
And everytime,
[Verse 3: C-Easy & YoungJeff]
Grab the keys, unlock your mind (Aye, aye, aye)
Unlock your mind, girl, said unlock your mind, girl (Unlock your mind)
Hop in the coupe, let's drive all night (All night, girl, the night, drive all night, girl)
Yeah, just sit tight
Yeah, I'm feeling different ways
Ooh, you make me feel good ways
When you feeling a rush, I'll be giving my love to you (To you)
And when I'm playing a song that don't make you feel alone
I'm tryna show my feelings
Baby, I need you for the ride[Chorus: C-Easy]
I give her the vibes (Yeah)
She coming for the ride (The ride)
And everytime, she slides (And, everytime, she slides)

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