Outro - The Final Time The Abstract & The Dragon Speak

Busta Rhymes, Q-Tip



Outro - The Final Time The Abstract & The Dragon Speak lyrics

[Busta Rhymes]
Kamal, you back from vacation now
How was your trip? [Q-Tip]
Yo man, I'm ready!
(You ready, beloved?)
Yeah man! I hope you ain't do that joint
I know you said you was gonna do it
And you had named it...
But I'm ready man. Let's go!
(You ready to...)
Yo, I got the beats
I..., I mean I be..., I came back yesterday
(You ready to do the Abstract and the Dragon tape now?)
Yo, nigga I came..., yo, I came back and did like twenty b...
(You ready to do that shit now?)
Yeah, let's go!
You did it..., don't tell me you did it already[Busta Rhymes]
I just did the "Return of the Dragon" tape
In it's entirety
And named it the Abstract went on fuckin' vacation
Cause you bounced my nigga
You tellin' me all this Saint Mart's shit, and all that shit
You know I mean, and I went and did what you told me to do
You told me to do a Dragon tape
I do this shit
You come back from vacation now
And you tellin' me you ready to do Abstract and the Dragon tape[Q-tip]
I mean, tha... that's what it is lord
I mean, I just came back, my nigga, rejuvenated man
I'm ready to get it B
I came back home, man, last night
And, you know what I'm sayin'
I pushed into Tita, you know what I'm sayin'
I came right back got on them beats
Man, I did like 20 joints man[Busta Rhymes]
Alright, fuck it then
We gon' start the Abstract and the Dragon right now
(Oh we gon start it!?)
We gon' start this bitch right now[Q-tip]
Aight, so, one thing to you...
This is what I'll say
When we come with this next shit...
The Abstract and the Dragon...
We are going to crack the concrete open
(Busta chuckles)
So, I'm lettin' all y'all know
We gave y'all a... basically... You nomsayin'?
A (stuttering), a look back through the anals of time...
(absolutely) (both chuckle)
To see all the shit that we did
Now we 'bout to come... we gon' do...
We gon' do, like, 15 one minute and a half minute joints
(You heard that shit, people? ONE and a half minutes... That's it)
Each joint... Fifteen joints
(Yeah, I'm wit' you on that. Let's do it...)
Yeah? (Can we?)
(Let's smack the donkey shit out these muhfuckers, man)
...And remember all y'all out there
Until next time it's the Abstract and the Dragon
And as we always like to sign off...
(Busta laughs histerically)
(I love you nigga)
I love you, too my nigga
(Salute brother)
Salute, bonk

Busta Rhymes – Outro - The Final Time The Abstract & The Dragon Speak

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