ADHD lyrics

ADHD ain't no diagnosis man
That shit just means I'm smarter than y'all [Verse]
The cocaine was tasty like cinnamon
She came out just for the love, I was out of Benjamins
I was patient but almost out of discipline (Almost)
Get my dum-dums from the gun club in Michigan
Breaking ligaments, the combat is mortal
I shall finish him
[?] I snort the Ritilin (Why?)
It helps with my adrenaline
That's how I beat Bjorn on the grass court at Wimbledon
Born in a tenement but I was never limited
I met some famous rappers but there is no equivalent
I'm criminal, put the room in a predicament
Make you fuck and strip, let's get intimate
Shh the feds might be listening
Fuck it
I'm high as hell just like I'm Gilligan
Only 30 seconds in a song to get the venom in
Or maybe 45 for you simpletons
High potency like resin from the pyramids
Isis breathe life that's infinite
I'm sorry to say that I'm the worst of all the citizens
I stole plans from the basement of the Kremlin (I don't care though)
Who fed the gremlin after midnight
No insight mother fucker you ain't innocent
Buck Awesome – ADHD

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