Grown Man Talk | غرون مان توك

Bu Kolthoum



I don’t do right i’m a rebel, let me count them sins while you dance with the devil
Spent my whole life caged, my mind’s in the bubble
Where i burry my own deamons, bring a shovel akhi
I am blessed, don’t you know already?
I’m a hero in my hometown i’m grown already
I don’t wanna die young, yet i’m old already
Life’s a bitch and i’ve been going at her slow and steady
From the parentless home, in the realm of violence, to a desertous hope, then the room with no windows, then you know how it goes
I’m now in the ghetto, yet now i can see the thrown. one day i’ll make it my own
Some do it for the gram, some for the gramy, being here, proved to me that anything can happen
No limits no distractions
Speak to me in my language, nothing’s speaks louder than actions
Feed your own deamons, i’m busy killing mine
How could you teach a kid to live if your only taught to survive?
Used to deliver packages, now i deliver lines
You in it for the status, i’m in it for changing lives. starting with mine
This is grown man talk, in this family grown men walk
You saw me counting wounds now i’m counting lessons
I get it now, i am cursed and i’m blessed
So that’s what i’ve been doing, fighting all these curses with my blessings
But remembering to count them was the lesson
You fight for too long, so you forget the message
When we’re screaming though pain we don’t tend to listen
So excuse all the darkness within, it’s been adjust
I know i’m closer to sun now
But give my eyes the time to adjust
Now i know why it hurt
For 30 years, look how u turned
A fast learner, but it takes all the time to unlearn
This year i had bridges to burn
شلحنا الباغي، و دكّينا الbig boy pants
مستقبل تلاتيناتي، doing my big boy dance
الحلم كبير و i got big boy plans
فش وقت يضيع,now i’m in big boy lane

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