Don’t need an intro, I’m straight to the topics
Just dropped an album, it straight from the tropics
Who does the most streams? It’s me and I top it
No one else in my city can do it so stop it
Just heard your new track and it was straight vomit
I’m still getting played, I’m just like a Bop It
They saw I was dropping, but they didn’t clock it
They still sleeping on me, but they know that poppin x2 Verse:
He thinks he gets streams but he’s backed by the whole school
Let us see who gets more streams after high school
He thinks he’s got money but let’s check his wallet
Given stuff from goons. hе ain’t make deposits 0:40
Have you еver heard of the song Round 2?
I guarantee it cause it’s still gets views
No one ever records the stuff you do
No one could name a song that is by you 0:48
I drop a hit and make another one on the next day
I’m getting too good at this call me sensei
I’m getting too hot that I’m caliente
Made too many songs so I need a mixtape 0:55
Finished with the first but I ain’t with the second
I come to pick a part but I ain’t with the weapons
Every record that I’m on, I bring my essence
Every record that I’m on, I leave my messageVerse 2:
Fake people think they’re slick but they’re not
They get caught and they rot on the spot
I don’t talk to you cause you’re not who I thought
Don’t wanna be alone so you better learn to stop 1:39
You think you are heat but you stuck up on SoundCloud
I’m on every platform so I’m getting heard now
I’m talking straight facts so I think you are hurt now
Please work at the circus cause you is a clown now 1:47
Wanna hop on my wave but it’s N O
Your careers heading straight to the end zone
But it’s Friday so you in the friend zone
Can’t do it like me, You’re not mellow
I’m the teacher so move down to yellow
Listen up, you do as I say so
I’m finished so here is my end note

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