Hold up let me give you the spill
Everything 1k ‘cause you know I keep it real
The world on my shoulders plus I’m tryna pay these bills
Got a hand on the scale, the other on the wheel
Stacking up the paper no I never miss a meal
And big shoutout to Cool heard you won the appeal
‘Couple years from now slidin’ down Hammondville
And same for G Pharaoh that’s a 2 for 1 deal But the grind never quits
No I don’t trick for money ‘cause I’d rather bust a lick
I don’t beef on the gram, I’m really with the shits
Masked up like Corona got you other bitches sick
I stay with Yung Money he my heart, I’m his rib
That’s my Brutal Yungen baby, that’s my Golden Acre kid
And best believe if it came down to the shit For him I’m doing time, Ima do the whole bidSaid Ima do the whole bid
And I ain’t sayin shit
‘Cause I’m Laura Uzumaki
I got more sauce than teriyaki
And I don’t mean to sound cocky but I’m running in the road
Know my routes, crossin’ all streets
Got these hoes hating, fake pages tryna stalk me
She a gnat, pass me the spray bitch get OFF me
But Ima say a prayer for all my enemies
‘Cause when it’s said and done you a chicken with the beef
My heart is made of gold and I hustle to the core
Bitch I’m self made, I’m from the 954Hold on fix your top ‘cause I’m here to give the business
Everything 1K I’m here to spit that real shit
I got burdens on my back sold my soul to the Pyrex
Only thing I know how to bust licks and cook crack
Had to take the risk so I could feed Bellatrix
About that dirty dollar bill you know how grimey I could get
Sell niggas coke double back and rob ‘em for the shit
My girl my everything she my backbone and rib
Forbid I catch a charge she gone always keep it real
She gone do the whole sentence like I can’t write or spell
My girl my everything when she smile she gives me chills
I don’t mean to sound cocky
But I’m Brutal Uzumaki got more sauce than teriyaki
Last of the Lover Boyz I cannot be copied
Lick call my phone spending 50 every roxi
I’m Brutal Yungen baby go and ask my girl bout me
Chef in the kitchen Ima beast with the nine piece
Ima beast with the nine piece
Ima beast with the nine piece
Brutal Yungen baby go and ask my girl about me

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