Hey, you only live once
You only live once
You only live once, hey [Verse 1]
You say you wanna vibe with me
You say you are gay, little boy yeah me too
Girl, you are trans
I'm just trying to get with you, oh
You treat me well, oh you only live once
The only one, the only one, I'm so up
Never coming down, on top of the board[Verse 2]
This may be my last song, whoa whoa whoa
If I lose all my money, then I'm gone
Oh no you only live once, you say you're gay
Yeah me too, trying to get with a trans
Oh you look so good, party all night
Made out in the middle of thе dance floor
You are, but evеryone wanna come together[Verse 3]
Oh you only live once, you only live once
Only live once oh gonna lose my mind
Stay on my grind, gotta trust your love
Girl, you say you're a lesbian
Yeah, we can be friends
Girls like girls, boys like boys

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