Take Your Time lyrics

Let's go, let's go, let's go It's Campa haha
One two, one two three yah! [Chorus]
I fought so many niggas
There's nothing to think about
Whether for clout or for fame
My click will never change
By going platinum
Ima shift my energy to link the Atoms
I knew I was g when I put my dick down her throat
She gobbles and threw it out
Oops I didn't mean that, talkback
My OG knows these hoes be on their woes[Verse 1]
I need a platinum or a millie to put on my city
Maybe a lady
Whose mature enough to carry my baby
Lately, I'm still a savage since I was fifteen
This Lil nigga wore a beanie
Forced to get cheddar just to feel better
Life doesn't matter
If you think money have the power
Fuck being a coward
Tell these fools Ima dub their folks
Five shorties a night and I still don't own a chevy[Bridge]
Baby, don't ever be lazy, take your time
Then feel crazy, so many blows
While she's on the phone with my foes
Gangsta goals, all I do is rob my foes[Refrain]
And we doing the most, money never folds, hehe[Outro]
Let's go, let's go, let's go it's Campa haha
One two, one two three yah!

Bright Campa – Take Your Time

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