Somewhere in the universe
Somewhere in the universe
[Verse 1]
It's not every dog has its day
It's the thought that love brings a great deal of pain

Can you feel it in the membrane, you will probably think I'm insane
I had a friend who flew a plane then left me for the chain gang
Told little homie, we was gonna eat
Back in the day, they looked up to me
Be aware, niggas don't even care
Telling all the lies, I can see it in my eyes

"Oh why?" fuck a crime, I'm on my way to grind
Win win win, shooting hoops with Ben
Going down, it's going down
Smoking that loud loud
Chilling with the crowd crowd
Oh wow

Someone must believe
Flip the bike, that wasn't nice
All of my friends wanna be alone, no
We can light up, then start a party

This is reality, I was lied about fear
Smoke it once, now she wanna fuck, oh whoa
Hit it once, gotta go hoe
I get the check and flip it, like a breeze
I eat it then hit it in between
Oh please, made her plead, then sign the piece
Now I gotta leave the demons on me
"We got you on hold, be gone, we will clone."

Riding the bike, down the waves
I'm tryna get paid, then get laid
Off the green rocks, while I pull up on the block
Cops poked out, trying to steal my clout
Devil, please, I'm on your team
There is no need to be mean
Legendary[Verse 2]
Boss up on these folks
Flexing until on their woes
I saw her dancing, with the rainbow knee socks
Thicker than water, heart pumping full of blood
Ouu would you like feel a pulse?
Be my nurse, ride or die, I'm full of lust
They say I change, for the piece of chain
They called me Christian, the storyteller

Loner on their woes, loner on their woes always telling the truth
Never ever lie again, even for the-the aye
I had to refuse the deal, no one owns my wave, you can't join the rave
I make money multiple ways, hustle game all day
What's more to tell? Just know I'm honest as hell, (Uh, Uh) a born heartbreaker
Dragon born, same wear, I'm an observer
Had to tell them the truth, right up in my lane now
If I had to die now, dress up
[Verse 3]
You know my stories always tells the truth, just like how ya'll had the attitude
To have the audacity, (Oof) let me calm down aye
Let me be on my cool shit, you know my stories tells the truth, just like how ya'll had the attitude
To have the au-
To have the audacity, to talk behind me; and trial me
Lie to me, then later cry to me
I don't need this, I'm no one carrier
I'm Bright Campa, that's me with an attitude
Shout out to my haters, go ahead and die anew
Then come back with attitudes of someone new

There go ahead and; spread the news, this 90's kid made it
I don't have to rap to sound good, my stories just; my story just sounds right
Then ends up becoming; something bright
Love or hate it, I don't even care
In the end, look who is still making money
Then gonna support all my friends and family
This kid will never change
Even if I did, I'll still go live, niggas know how I be
I'm not even gonna lie, I know you will all plead
I'm the only one who gives hope to everyone
You know it's hard out here, but Ima bear it and gonna care for it
It's my life, so don't look up

I know you all gonna end up low enough
Then you all will not see far enough
I'm that type of rapper so listen up
I'm out this bitch, so I'm hanging up
Campa knows it's hard out here![Verse 4]
What it do, oh yeah, what it do
Niggas cooking in the stew, Campa, and Jacey on the move
You know what we about to do
Riding through the tidal waves would never plead the case
Cause I know I will, cause I know the sun will shine another day
We will be okay, I hope you'll find the way to become one of the greats

You'll be okay
Baby take me away, to start a better place when the stars are shining and the flowers smell great
I got nothing to say, I just wanna run away
So, Lets party today
La da la da la da day
La da la da la da day

La da la da la da day

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