Now check it out, it's Briggs
Let me take you back to where I'm from
Country Victoria, son
Country Victoria..
What's the deal?
It's Briggs.. Golden Era Mixtape..
Wassup!? [Verse 1 - Briggs]
Without fail, rats tails prevail
You're working for the government
You're going to jail
Put your house on the market, it's staying for sale
That's not a house, that's just a tent with some nails
Rocking oven mitts, all your stuff is hot to touch
Even the back of the truck was off the back of the truck
Fathers Day? That's confusing as fuck
Don't know who your Dad is, everyone else does
Kicking in the place where time forgot
Rock a 2pac shirt when you tie the knot
Only harnessed your life when you're down at the trots
Even the matchbox cars are sitting on blocks
Woke up in the morn', all your shit got pawned
No toys in the house, they all on the lawn
Even Jehovah's witnesses are going to court
And mormons, they won't even knock on the door
[Hook x2]
You all alone in these streets cousin
I live up there, so don't go there
King of the town, yeah, I been there[Verse 2 - Briggs]
Ya rockin Max's, yeah they're the fake ones
Your kids got two names just to make one
Yeah, Jamary, Dalizabeth, get what you're dealing with?
Bong shop here as old as the pyramids
More ex-taxis than actual taxi's
4 in the front, about 8 in the back seat
Drew the short straw? You're up in the boot
Do a couple burnouts coz there's nothing to do
Your little cousins got a bun in the oven
The baker who put it there is rockin' a mullet
Hectic domestics out in the public view
"Does it look like I'm talkin' to you!?"
20 feet hose minus 16 bongs means you can only water 'bout half of ya lawn
But it doesn't matter, that's what the parkings for
This is Sheplife, so what the fuck you asking for!?[Hook x2][Outro]
You just graduated from Lynx Africa to Brut
That's what the deal is
That's your scent, that's your motherfucking pheromones
Slick it back, son
Your undercut is too real

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