[Intro (spoken): Brandon, Zion]
Alright this is it
Oh, man
Geez [Chorus: Brandon, Both]
AP goin' psycho, lil’ mama bad like Michael
Can't really trust nobody with all this jewelry on you
My roof look like a no-show, got diamonds by the boatload
Don't act like you my friend when I’m rollin' through my ends, though[Verse 1: Brandon, Zion, Both]
The AP goin' psycho, my Rollie goin' brazy
I'm hittin' lil' mama, she wanna have my babies
It's fifty on the pinky, chain so stanky
You should see the whip, promise I can take yo’ bitch (yeah, aye, aye)
My money thick, don’t ever fold (no no, no)
She asked, "Can I have some to hold?" (aye)
But I can't ever tell her no no, no-oh (no no, no-oh)[Outro: Brandon]

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